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Region Latin America
Population 11394043
GDP (millions USD) 45100
National Policies
Eggs for assisted reproduction permitted
Eggs for research ?
Inheritable genetic modification ?
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis ?
Reproductive cloning PROHIBITED
Research cloning regulated
Sex selection ?
Surrogacy ?
International Agreements
2005 UN Cloning Vote no
2005 UNESCO Sports Doping Convention RATIFIED

Prohibited practices

Reproductive cloning is prohibited.[1]

Permitted and regulated practices


  • IVF is permitted, and practiced at a number of hospitals in Cuba.
  • Candidates should have two years of cohabitation, without contraception, and have been declared infertile.
  • Egg donation is possible, as is diagnostic PGD.

(NB. practices were reported as 'expanding' in March 2014 to include the above, see (in Spanish))

CLONING Research cloning is permitted.[1]


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